How to Write a Research Paper ?

how to write a research paper

If you want to learn writing a research paper, firstly you should learn the preparation phase. When you complete the preparation phase, you can write the paper easily.



1.1) Selecting the Topic

Firstly, you should ask yourself two questions before you select a topic. The first question is the topic which you plan to study has been studied enough? The second question is if I work on the topic, can I contribute anything?” If one of the answers is positive, you can select the topic. The key to successful studies starts with selecting the right topic.

1.2) Determining the Purpose of the Study

You can defend or reject any opinion in your paper. Firstly, ask yourself what is the purpose of the study before you start it? The answer will guide your study.

1.3) Literature Search

The main sources of scientific studies are theses, research papers, academic journals, books, papers presented at symposiums or congresses, statutes, etc. The news can be used as a non-direct source because it is accepted as non-scientific.  You can use libraries and the internet for reaching books, thesis, and academic journals free.

Online Academic Sources:

Academic Indexes For Journals (SCOPUS, DOAJ, Web of Science, etc.)

Google Academic (

Academia  (

Researchgate  (

Regardless of what the purpose of the study is, you sufficiently should read the studies which are supporting your idea or the contrary. Don’t forget to highlight the important parts of your sources while you are reading. Nowadays papers can be reached online. If your source is a pdf file, highlight with yellow pencil on Adobe Acrobat Reader. If not, take notes by taking pictures. I recommend you to merge all your notes about sources in a word file. Although this method seems difficult, it makes your job easier in the writing process.

1.4) Making The Paper Unique

There are two ways to make your paper unique. The first one is a field study. If your topic suitable for field study, I recommend you to do a questionnaire study or interview. The second one is using foreign studies as a source. Using a foreign source is easier than a field study. You should make a decision which is suitable for you and your paper. If you have time and your paper suitable for field study, I recommend you to use both.



2.1)  Essentials of Research Paper

  • You must add an introduction page that includes your paper’s title, your name, your educational information, and an abstract of your paper which is written in the paper’s language and English to the first page of your paper.
  • The abstract should not exceed 200 words.
  • You must add at least 3 keywords below the abstracts and sort the keywords in alphabetical order.
  • You must add an introductory chapter, conclusion, and bibliography.

2.2) Frequently Asked Questions about Writing a Paper

  1. What is the margin of paper? 
  2. Which citation system should I use?
  3. How many pages should I write at least?

The answers depend on the institution or journal which you plan to publish. If you plan to publish your paper in a journal, you should learn the format of the journal (citation system; APA or MLA, margin, etc.) before you start to write it. If you plan to present the paper at the college or scientific organization (seminar, symposium, or congress), you should learn the format of them.

2.3) Advices

  • Prefer a fluent language while writing papers.
  • Do not make plagiarism. Plagiarism is a crime that can be detected using plagiarism software easily.
  • Wait at least a week before publishing your paper. You can take notice of the mistakes in your paper easily thanks to the waiting period.
  • Do not avoid adding visuals to papers.
  • Do not panic! Writing a paper is easier than in your mind. Just focus on your study. That’s all you need!